Save Environment, save life and Future.

We, at Notre Dame Academy believe Nature as an integral element for survival. Moreover, it adds beauty to the Mother Earth making it colourful.

We say, “Earth groans when we cut trees while it laughs when Nature blossoms.”

We The Naturalists at Notre Dame Academy have created a platform to make the Mother Earth smile, believing that students are a reckoning force to cause transformation in the society through nature.

So here we are with our vision:

1.   Making the students aware of the beauty and diversity of nature through nature walk in the school campus or outside world.

·         Beauty of nature- Students will wonder how mesmerizing the nature is and learn to admire its beauty.

·         Diversity in nature will help students to explore and appreciate its variety.

2.   Students will learn various kinds of trees and plants such as:

·         Medicinal plants - Basil, Aloe vera, Mint etc.

·         Flowering/Decorative plants - Rose, Hibiscus, Dahlia, Daisy etc.

  • Fruit bearing Trees - Mango Tree, Guava Tree, Banana Tree, Jack fruit, etc.

·         Ornamental Trees -Lilac, Magnolia, Golden Rain Tree, Ashoka Tree,Gulmohar etc

·          Commercial Trees - Mahogani, Teak, Seesam,etc.

3.   Inculcating the habit of planting trees so that they feel a personal bond/tie to them and take better care of them through weeding, watering, trimming etc.

So, let’s go green and work together to make the environment clean through the following activities-

i)                    Planting flowers in the school campus.

ii)                   Planting herbal plants inside the school. 

iii)                 Care of flower beds - Watering, weeding, trimming of school garden. 

iv)                 Cleaning campaign.

v)                  Skit on environmental awareness.


Heritage, whether tangible or intangible is our history. A person’s relationship to their heritage is the same as the relationship of a child to his/her mother. A concentrated effort to preserve our heritage, integrity is a vital link to our cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational and economic legacies; that make us who we are.

Notre Dame Academy, NTPC, Barh celebrates, professes and propagates the belief of preserving our rich heritage, binding and securing integrity of India and individuals; stretching the faculties of mind to master General Knowledge. 

Science Club

Science club channelizes the energies of the student and makes use of their skills and talent to satisfy their instincts and urges to help their overall personality development. Through activities of Science Club learning of Science becomes joyful.

           The scientific and technological advancement of today is a long forward journey from Stone Age. Each individual has his own interest, talents and abilities. A progressive syllabus can be an edifice for Scientific mansion only if it encourages learning by doing among the students including group participation. 

Why Science Club?

-          To develop among the students the spirit and attitude of healthy competition for individual and social cause.

-          To promote inquisitiveness among the students and inculcate scientific temper among them.

-          To trigger interest among the student in Science. To encourage, motivate and equip the students to apply Principles Science and its interface with society.

-          To promote and encourage laurells, service, leadership and character formation because developing leadership and citizenship are fundamental goals of most students.

-          To make the students understand the value of time and to help them in the proper utilization of the same.


Night will be gone, then will come easy days; 
To learn Mathematics in some innovative ways.
Playing puzzles, quizzes & games;
Will create quicker brains.

Heavy books of Maths, no more will perplex;
Rather, boost us up, to poster students on the flex.
Maths pavilion will be built on bricks;
By daily practicing all the tricks.

In the quest of learning Maths,
We will find Maths club a wonderful place.
Who says, "Math a tough task";
Maths club will create a place to bask.

Maths is inevitable in life; 
Without which, it’s difficult to survive.
No wonder it is said, 
“Maths is King of Science and Queen of Arts”


Club - Art club is a place for practicing artists to develop their skills, techniques and collaborate with other like-minded artists, create bonds within the schoolmates through the arts, and learn how to work together through group projects that will beautify the school.

The purpose of works of art is to communicate ideas, such as in politically, spiritually, or philosophically motivated art, to explore the nature of perception, for pleasure, or to generate strong emotions. The Art Education is one of the important areas in the total development of the child. It aims to instill in children an appreciation for the beauty of God, reflected in nature.

Art club is open for all who are interested in the visual arts. We can work on drawing, painting and sometimes ceramics. The pieces of art include our own projects. Art club is a great place to meet creative minds.

Creative Expression through Art Work:

i)                    Learning about colours and combination of different colours.

ii)                   Learning various kinds of paintings, like- oil painting, sketching, realistic paintings, etc.

iii)                 Making clay models.

iv)                 Making origami (things make of paper).

v)                  Making various Science working models.

vi)                 Making various things out of waste materials.

vii)               Reusing plastic bottles. 


The demand in the subject of IT is increasing day by day. Technological development has influenced everyday life to a great extent which has led to the emergence of a new global economy. It has transformed the entire world into a global village.

IT club’s drive is to -

I)                    Involve students in exploring into life and works of Entrepreneurs of IT Sector. 

II)                  Encourage students to engage in productive activities.

III)                Optimize student interest in the profession of IT.

IV)               Inculcate self- learning and assessment in students.

V)                 Encourage Team work among students.